Some Tips for Repairing Active Loudspeakers

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Active loudspeakers are popular because they do not require a separate amplifier in order to work. One example of active speakers are loudspeakers which are designed for use with a computer. PC speakers plug in directly to the output of the soundcard or a laptop audio jack. They also work very well when plugged in to a cell phone. Unfortunately, actually active speakers tend to break more easily than regular speakers. In the following chapters, I’m going to offer some simple advice for repairing loudspeakers.

First of all, the power supply is a common cause of problems. Most active speakers will work with an external power supply. That means that rather than plugging in a power supply cable, you have a small black box which plugs into an outlet. Figuring out whether there’s a problem with an external power supply is actually quite straightforward. …

Which Power Amplifier Works Best with Your Speakers?

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A power amplifier is a crucial component in your audio set up. Without the amplifier, you will not be able to drive you speakers to sufficient volume. In fact, if you were to connect the audio output of your audio device directly to a speaker then most likely you audio device would take some damage. The reason is that speakers have a fairly low impedance and thus require a converter which will convert the high output impedance of your audio source to the low impedance of the speakers. Speakers typically have an impedance of only 4 ohms.

Selecting an amplifier can be quite tricky because they are so many different models available. Whichever model you choose will depend on the size of the speakers and also on where you want to place the amplifier. One of the most unique ways to place …

Everything You Need to Know about Bluetooth Receivers

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Bluetooth receivers are primarily used for picking up a signal that contains audio. They also called Bluetooth audio receivers. Other types of Bluetooth dongles are typically used for exchanging data between a computer and a portable device. These devices are typically not called receivers because they are actually receiving and transmitting. However, even though Bluetooth receivers are called receivers, they still need to be able to transmit. That is because Bluetooth is a protocol which requires the receiving device to acknowledge receipt of data packets.

The basic function of a Bluetooth receiver regardless of whether it is a traditional data dongle or audio Bluetooth receiver is fairly similar. The underlying protocol is fairly well standardized. It is working in the 2.4 GHz frequency range and employs frequency hopping. However, there are different flavors of Bluetooth on the market. In particular, the data …

How to Achieve Stereo Separation with Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

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Bluetooth speakers are usually standalone speakers. In part that is because of fate limitation of Bluetooth. The signal can only be sent to a single receiver. However, this means that you don’t have any stereo separation when setting up a Bluetooth speaker. However, there are some ways to achieve stereo separation which I’m going to outline in the next few sections.

When listening to life concerts or music recordings, it is crucial to have proper stereo separation. Traditional speakers such as wireless speakers from come in pairs. Placing the two speakers far enough apart will ensure proper separation of the left and right channel. In fact, I even recommend listening to more than two speakers. Most DVDs will carry a multi channel soundtrack. It is well worth the additional investment to play each soundtrack over different speaker. However, for most …

How to Stream Music from Your Smart Phone

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Nowadays 60% of people use smart phones for storing music. Music nowadays is available from online retailers such as Apple or Amazon. You can also convert your CD collection into MP3s by using Ripper and converter software. Obviously, having music as an MP3 collection makes it easy to carry it around and also access any song quickly. Since most MP3s include information about the artist and title, you can also sort music according to different criteria. Also, most players allow you to create the playlist either randomly or by picking songs. This playlist is a great way to play back to and stored on your device.

brand-new wireless speakers

In this post I’m going to show you how you can stream music from your phone to another device such as speakers. Most smart phones are Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled. These wireless protocols are excellent for …

Some Secrets of Wireless Speakers Revealed

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I used to work in the audio industry for over 10 years. I have designed some cutting-edge technology products. One of the divisions that I was involved in had to do with wireless audio transmission. Our company designed about three generations of wireless speakers amongst other wireless audio products. In this article, I will look at some of the untold secrets that manufacturers of wireless speakers don’t want you to know. It is well worth knowing about these secrets because when you purchase one of their products you might perhaps think again or at least know the limitations of these products so that you can pick the best product for your application.

Obviously, wireless is not rock-solid. The safest option is always to use speakers which are hard-wired to your audio equipment meaning your power amplifier. There isn’t much that can go wrong with …